Thursday, March 1, 2012

LEAD GENERATION TO OUTBOUND TELEMARKETING: How a two-fold approach can work for you

People don't like cold calling.  It's invasive.  They feel as if a mysterious force has acquired their information (perhaps through less than upstanding means), tracked them down, and is now attempting to sell them something, most of the time something they had no interest in buying in the first place.  Cold calling is an antiquated system that dates back to what seem like the pre-historic days before internet marketing. Back then, the opportunities to interact with a customer were limited, and few and far between.  Besides print and television advertising, cold calling was one of the few ways to reach a client, and one of the only ways to reach a client personally and verbally in his or her home. Scripted cold calls were born and became common place.  Dinner times were interrupted everywhere.
  We live in a much different age today.  For starters, the DNC list exists, and mobile devices and computers have made the opportunities to interact with a client almost infinite. Businesses can promote brand awareness with multiple creatives on a plethora of different websites and social media outlets.  New clients can be gained with a few clicks of a mouse.  Customers can have sales tailored especially to them and their needs.  A great time for new growth!
   You may ask yourself then, why should a company bother with calling people at all?  If you can interact with people visually and intellectually through internet advertising on a range of mobile devices and computers shouldn't that be enough?  The truth is, it isn't.  Funny enough, too much internet advertising can have the same daunting mysterious force effect, only this time on the opposite end of the spectrum.  What's missing?  The humanity.  The personal connection you can only get from the human voice.  We are biologically wired to want to hear it.  It has many positive psychological effects, and in this case it reminds us that real people are out there on the other end of the internet, not just computers.
   Internet lead generation is a wonderful first step to gaining a lasting relationship with a client.   Companies can gather a good perspective about a person's interests and preferences from the choices they make online.  From there, the transition over to a verbal relationship is all the more easy and relevant.  Now, when they get the call instead of feeling violated,  they feel cared for and attended to.  And to quote Michael Leboeuf, "a satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all."
   With quality ongoing follow up, loyalty can be ensured for years to come.  Broad marketing campaigns can be handled via the internet, and calls can be tailored to the specific needs of a client.  When a balanced approach is taken, this two-fold system not only gains customers, but keeps them.

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